Alfredton Suburb Info

What’s happening to Carngham Road?

Cargnham Road will ultimately be widened to a 4 lane divided road to improve long term traffic flows.

What school zones does Alfredton Grove fall into?

Being an Alfredton resident means you are within the highly sought-after Ballarat High School zone. For more info on the catchment area visit

If it’s a private school you’re after, there is easy access to some of the best private schools – Loreto College (all girls), St. Patrick’s College (all boys) and Ballarat & Clarendon College (co-ed). Ballarat Grammar School is also in reasonable proximity.

There are a multitude of primary school and childcare options to choose from as well!

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What suburb is Alfredton Grove located in?

Not surprisingly, Alfredton Grove is located in the extremely popular and hotly demanded Ballarat suburb of Alfredton.

An Alfredton address not only means you are minutes to the centre of town, have brand new sporting and recreation facilities at your doorstep and easy access to a multitude of shopping/retail options, but you are also within easy reach of the town’s best public and private schools the region has to offer.

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Why Alfredton Grove

Will Alfredton Grove have NBN?

Absolutely. All required infrastructure will be built in the estate to allow all homes to be connected to NBN. Each home owner will arrange with NBN direct for the final connections to their homes.

Is there a park in the estate and when will it be open?

There is a massive 1 hectare (2.5 acres) park in the centre of the estate due to be delivered with Stage 4. The park has been deliberately located to provide easy access for all residents. We are investigating ways to deliver this park even sooner!

What is the purpose of the design covenants at Alfredton?

They are designed to enhance the certainty of the built-form within the estate and protect the look and feel of the estate, whilst encouraging creativity and individuality in home design. The covenants thereby protect each home owner’s investment.

View the Alfredton Grove Design Covenant

When are titles anticipated?

Stage One and Two titles are expected in the second half of 2019.

How many lots are there?

Alfredton Grove is anticipated to house approximately 250 residences.

When will construction start?

Early 2019.

First Home Buyers

Are there any benefits for First Home Buyers?

Absolutely! If you are buying/building a new home (valued up to $750,000) for the first time you are entitled to the $20,000 First Home Owners Grant (visit SRO to check you meet all eligibility criteria).

Building at Alfredton Grove

What type of fence will I have and how do I contact my neighbour to have it erected? / Can I build a front fence?

To maintain a consistent look and feel within Alfredton Grove, all boundary fences are to be Colourbond (basalt in colour). All non-street fronting fences are to be a maximum 1.8m. Front fences are optional but should be a max 1.2m in height and suit the home design. More detail on fencing can be found in the design covenants.

Will my lot have fill on it and what are the soils like at Alfredton Grove for home building?

It is anticipated minimal fill will be required across the Alfredton Grove estate. Fill plans for Stages 1 and 2 are complete and confirm that the majority of lots have no fill. No lots in Stages 1 or 2 have more than 300mm of fill. Detailed fill plans are available upon request.

What is the process of getting house plans approved?

Design Covenants are attached to your Contract of Sale to protect the look, feel and investment of homes within Alfredton Grove. House plans must work within these covenants. In addition, your house plans will be reviewed by a building surveyor to ensure they meet all statutory and planning requirements. In addition, as a part of the process to obtain a building permit, your house plans will be reviewed by a building surveyor to ensure they meet all statutory and planning requirements.

View the Alfredton Grove Design Covenant

Can I subdivide a block?

All blocks in Alfredton Grove have been designed at a range of sizes to suit a variety of buyers needs with single homes in mind. To protect the look, feel and value of Alfredton Grove, lots cannot generally be further subdivided (subject to planning regulations).

Why do I need to know about bushfire attack levels?

You might have heard the term BAL rating thrown around. The large majority of land estates in Victoria will have a BAL rating.

This stands for the Bushfire Attack Level and essentially has been adopted to improve the ability of your new home to withstand a bushfire event. The BAL rating on your particular block of land will influence the method and materials used to construct your home. Your builder or building surveyor will be able to talk you through BAL ratings in more detail.

What is my responsibility once I have settled my block?

Keeping Alfredton Grove safe and looking its absolute best is important to us and our residents. With this in mind all residents are required to keep their block and the front nature strip clean (both before and during construction), weeds removed and grass kept short. We expect residents to manage their builders and anyone visiting their home to the same standard to uphold these same values to ensure Alfredton Grove remains a great place to live.

How small is the smallest block and how large will the blocks be?

In Stage 1 and 2 blocks start at 462m2 and range in size up to 594m2 approximately. Blocks sizes in future stages will be confirmed upon release.